Event Marketing

Pib Displays provide a convenient promotional tool for all types of events. The inflatable signs will provide marketing agencies and event promoters with an alternative out-of-home media format that could be placed virtually anywhere and provides various applications. Not only do the promotional advertising displays provide the ability to be place signage on any surface, they can also be used as interactive games, photo backdrops and projection screens. With the many banner options the inflatable advertising signs provide, several advertisers can be placed on one inflatable billboard and revenue can be generated by selling the ad space to sponsors. The banners can be illuminated at night so the advertising sign can be viewed 24 hours a day. The ease of use of our product, its unique design and ever growing global associate network will make your promotional advertising job easier.


Advertising on Golf Courses

Pib Displays are widely used as golf course advertising signs to reach golfers on both a daily basis and at golf tournaments for sponsor messages. The amphibious inflatable billboard systems provide many unique on course advertising possibilities. The promotional inflatable signs can be displayed on water hazards, driving ranges, tee boxes, parking lots and other high traffic areas throughout the course. The golf signs can also be used as a driving range targets which are guaranteed to attract the golfers attention. Since the golf signs are temporary, our associates are able to custom negotiate placement with courses in any market.


Advertising at Gas Stations

Pib Displays advertising space is available at your local gas station. The size of the large format inflatable advertising signs and strategic placement provide a distinctive and effective way to reach commuters and roadway traffic. The advertiser’s message is moved to a different gas station location each month to maximize exposure.


Beach Advertising

Interested in reaching the sunny beaches? Pib Displays not only reach the event attendees and participants but also leisure beach goers, tourist locations, hotels and resorts, and also beach side shopping centers and restaurants.

Pib Displays is also able to provide beach advertising campaigns in other coastal markets. Contact us to custom design a campaign to fit your needs.


PTA Fundraising Program

The inflatable billboards provide Parent Teacher Associations with a custom fundraising tool that can be utilized at any event or location. The program is simple: the PTA requests contributions from local businesses and parents in the form of money donations. In exchange, the PTA will place the company logo or desired message on the inflatable billboard face thus providing exposure and publicity for the donors. The inflatable sign can then be displayed at any school event the PTA desires. Since the systems are portable and setup in minutes, the inflatable advertising signs are perfect for events and short term display. The inflatable display systems can be used at festivals, jog-a-thons, open house, golf tournaments, and back to school night; virtually any event can be turned into a PTA fundraiser!

The program is not limited to only events and the systems can be displayed more frequently. In addition to events, the inflatable signs could be displayed on school grounds along the street during the weekends. By placing the signage adjacent to road, the banners can be seen by commuters creating a premium value for potential donors.


Please call 1-877-721-4048 or email us at sales@pibdisplays.ca for pricing.